Five Favourite Spring Flowers

After what seems like long winter months the glorious spring flowers break through and give us a tease and taste of things to come. Now we are well into summer I decided to think back to spring and share my five favourite flowers from this year, perfect for a spring wedding!


Ranunculus is such a hard-working and special spring flower that it had to go first. It comes in so many different colours (from white and the palest pink through to bright red, yellow and orange) and varieties and really brings some beauty, fun and sometimes glamour to a spring bouquet. I just adore the layers upon layers of delicate petals. This image is of one of my favourites from this year.



The humble daffodil, often the first sign of spring in the garden. There are more than 50 species and 25,000 varieties of Narcissi, so plenty of choice, from tiny tete-a-tete dwarf daffodils, to the bright yellow cheery trumpet we are so used to seeing throughout country verges. They always evoke a feeling of happiness for me. They were the perfect choice in this spring wedding candelabra.



Tulips have so many different personas from the elegant single varieties in every colour from white to almost black, the cheery parrots and glorious vintage varieties. I love how they get more and more dramatic as they open up and up and I’m also a fan of their droop. Did you know that tulips continue to grow in the vase?



Muscari look just like miniature bunches of grapes and are commonly known as grape hyacinth (not to be confused with hyacinths though). They must commonly come in the blue colour pictured in this sweet buttonhole below, but I they also come in a deeper blue, pink and also a very striking palest of blues almost white.

image1 (4).jpeg


Lily of the Valley. These amazing scented ladies arrive in April/May and are have such dainty little bell-like flowers peeking out from big dark green leaves. I have some in a shady spot in my garden that arrive every May without fail and always remind me of my dear Nanny whose birthday was in May. They look so delicate and make a beautiful and delicate addition to wedding bouquets at this time of year.

Clare Wilder